Kat’s works, classified as Contemporary/Post-Modern, are figurative paintings featuring areas of bright color, in combination with photography, and the use of line and overlapping planes, which make them resemble collages. She also incorporates the use of needle and thread unto the canvas. Allusions to politics, art, literature and identity are recurring subjects in my work. Lastly, my works are inspired by artists such as R.B. Kitaj, Frida Kahlo, and China Marks.

Creative History

Solo Exhibition:
2018 Think Coffee, NYC
2013 Through the Eyes of My Gender, NYU-Paul McGhee (Permanent)
2009 Finding Home, Linger Cafe & Lounge
2008 Through the Eyes of My Gender, NYU-Kimmel
2006 New York: Then & After, Cafecito

Group Exhibition:

2014 New School, NYC
2011 Process: Abstract, Brooklyn Artists Gym
2010 75th Anniversary-Literary and Visual Arts Festival, NYU-SCPS
2009 Under the Arch, NYU
2008 Under the Arch, NYU
2006 XES Lounge
2006 Home Guest House
2006 3rd Ward
2006 Artopia at Studio 39 Gallery, CityFound, NYC
2006 Cocoa Bar, BYC
2006 White Studio, NYC
2005 Piola, NYC
2005 Consumption, Lee Nagrin Gallery, NYC,
2005 Stone Creek, NYC
1995 School of Visual Arts
2009 Jason Tomme, Painting, NYU
2008 B. Katz, Painting, NYU
2008 Diane Leon-Ferdico, Collage, NYU
2004 Lisa Zwerling, Drawing, NYU
1996 Philip Dewey,
1995 Liberty Partnership Program, School of Visual Arts
Works in private collections of: 
Rikki Porter, New Jersey
Lexy Nistico, New York
Colleen Beagen, New York
Steve Hausheer, New York
Cynthia Kaselis, Massachusetts
Martin Lopez-Santoyo, New York
Ann Markusen, Minnesota
Michael Maragoudakis, New York
Bronwyn Clark McDaniel, Chicago
Craig Palmer, New Jersey
Elly Richards, Missouri
Helen Wheelock, New York
Helen White & Chris Vine, New York
Liza White Green, New York
Mathew Willard, Connecticut
Roy Zornow, New York
High School of Economics & Finance